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Post  hy220 Mon Oct 24, 2011 1:21 pm

Most dogs are born with a natural "coat," although there are some hairless breeds such as the American hairless terrier, the hairless Chinese crested, the hairless khala, the Peruvian Inca orchid and the xoloitzcuintli.moncler weste , The history of placing human clothing on dogs is said to have begun during the reign of King Arthur around 520 A.moncler outlet ,D.moncler danmark ,, when the dogs that were used as part of the military wore clothing to protect them from the elements and from attack.

Today, dogs used by police departments may wear clothing for protection, including bullet-proof vests, and service dogs wear special vests to let people know they're doing their jobs and for better visibility.

For the most part, however, pet owners like to dress their dogs up to make them look cute, although some dogs, including the smaller breeds, such as chihuahuas, mini schnauzers, toy poodles and other toy breeds, require dog clothes to keep them warm in cold weather.

Dog clothes and accessories are many and include dog shoes and socks, T-shirts, dresses, shorts, pants, swimwear, diapers, costumes, dog sweaters, jackets, hats and jewelry. There are even breed-specific dog clothes such as bulldog hoodies.

Dog clothes come in a variety of sizes, styles and price ranges. You can usually find clothes for your tiny chihuahua or for your lab. Most dog clothes are suited to the small to medium breeds but there are some clothes made large enough for the larger breeds.

There are even eco-friendly dog sweaters that are manufactured from "scraps" of cotton that are too small to do anything with and would otherwise end up in an incinerator but are made into very stylish and colorful sweaters, thus saving the earth from more chemicals and saving water because they don't have to grow or dye any more cotton.

Relatively new is an eco-friendly dog jacket that's made from 100% recycled polyester fabric that is recyclable again after your dog either outgrows it or wears it out. It has reflective flares on the back of the jacket to keep your dog visible on dark rainy days or at nighttime.

Some dogs apparently like to dress up for Halloween as there are many dog costumes available. If your dog wants to be a clown, a football player, a skeleton, a pumpkin, a fairy, a penguin, a flower, a bumblebee, a cop or a dinosaur, you can find a costume for him this Halloween.

Don't forget to keep his feet warm with socks and shoes. You can find a variety of sock styles and colors and also a variety of shoes, including sandals, boots, sneakers and moccasins.

Dog hats can include top hats, cowboy hats, bucket hats, Santa hats and elf hats.

If you're looking for a collar for your dog, there are numerous styles to choose from, whether you like plain leather or something fancier with spikes, flowers, glitter, snake print, ribbon, bandanna style or light-up. They, too, come in a wide price range. Most pet owners consider dog collars as a necessity, even if they don't dress their dogs in clothes. Collars are essential if you want your dog to carry identification. Some dogs wear necklaces, tiaras, bows, hairpins and charms.

Dog clothes have come a long way since King Arthur's days, from being necessary for protection to sometimes being necessary for warmth but more often making a fashion statement. What does your dog's wardrobe look like?


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